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Please Note: NYACP has a New Office Operation   

Our new Executive Director is Abby Curro

The new office email is: [email protected].

Our phone number is: 518.313.0420 

Our fax number is: 518.463.8656

Our new mailing address is: 
230 Washington Avenue, Suite 101
Albany, NY  12203-5319


Executive Director: Abby Curro, – [email protected] — 518.313.0420


President: Margaret A. Clark, Esq. — [email protected] — 914. 232.0707

Vice President : Andrea Vacca, Esq. — [email protected] — 212. 768.1115

Treasurer: Andrew Samalin, CFP, CFDA — [email protected] — 914.666.6600

Secretary: Neil Cahn, Esq. [email protected] — 516.741.0001

Immediate Past-President:  Neil E. Kozek, Esq. — [email protected] — 914 .683.3512

Directors at Large :

Melissa Goodstein, Esq. — [email protected] — 914.767.0438

Nancy Kaye CFP®, CDFA — [email protected] — 516-767-2594

Kenneth Novenstern,  Esq. — [email protected] — 914.241.2100

Robert Raymond, PhD — [email protected] — 212.769.2455

Jeffrey Steiger, LCSW — [email protected] — 914.282.1600

Mailing Address:


230 Washington Avenue, Suite 101
Albany, NY  12203-5319


521 Fifth Avenue
31st Floor
New York, New York 10175


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