How to Choose a Lawyer

Choosing a Collaborative attorney is an important decision. You and your attorney will work together to understand and focus on what is important for you and your family. Your attorney will guide you through the Collaborative process in a structured and supportive way, and will help you develop your settlement so that your important needs and interests are met.

In addition, your lawyer can talk to you about the value of the Collaborative team.

How to Choose a Lawyer

Qualities to Seek:

  • An attorney you feel comfortable working with and in whom you have confidence.
  • An attorney who will explain the process and applicable law to you in terms you understand.
  • An attorney within your financial means.
  • An attorney who has a facility with numbers and is financially sophisticated.
  • An attorney who is responsive to your needs.
  • An attorney who has available to him/her sufficient support resources (e.g. paralegals, secretaries, associate attorneys).
  • An attorney who is accessible to you (and promptly returns all phone calls).
  • An attorney who specializes in matrimonial/divorce or family law and who has in-depth experience in these fields.


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