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Advancing Collaborative Practice in Metropolitan New York

Membership in the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals (NYACP) is the resource for attorneys, financial advisors and mental health professionals who want to advance their Collaborative practice. The goal for NYACP is to advance Collaborative practice throughout Metropolitan New York. The organization achieves this mission by supporting members to achieve excellence in Collaborative practice through community and networking, training and events and advocating public acceptance of Collaborative practice.


NYACP member benefits include:

  • Web site profile for increasing on-line visibility among prospective clients and referral sources
  • Member-only web site link to access resources on training and practice materials, including protocols, forms and checklists
  • Nationally recognized training and education programs to increase your competence in Collaborative Practice
  • Annual professional symposium to educate prospective referral sources and other professionals on Collaborative Practice
  • Ongoing networking events with like minded professionals to introduce you to Collaborative Practice colleagues and prospective referral sources
  • Regional community building opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Collaborative Practice professionals in your area
  • Newsletter to learn about NYACP events, trainings, and member updates
  • Resources and training on how to promote your Collaborative Practice to assist you in attracting more Collaborative Practice clients.

Why you should join:

The refinement of skills as well as the development of vibrant, trusting and respectful professional relations are a cornerstone of the value of membership in NYACP.

  • Connect to the local Collaborative community and like- minded professionals
  • Engage in professional development activities
  • Deepen understanding of working in a multidisciplinary team
  • Practice skills, evaluate complex case scenarios, brainstorm approaches, and learn from others in multidisciplinary peer support groups
  • Gain proficiency in NYACP practice protocols in order to deliver a consistent and quality experience for clients
  • Ensure best practices in Collaborative conflict resolution
  • Develop rewarding personal relationships
  • Join in helping people in conflict find resolution through decency, respect, and understanding


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