Areas of Practice

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Family Business Disputes (Civil Collaborative)
  • Matrimonial Law
  • Post-Divorce Disputes
  • Pre/postnuptial Agreements
  • Separation
  • Shareholder/Partner Disputes (Civil Collaborative)
  • Mediation
  • Parenting
  • Profession

    Legal Professional

    Academic and Professional Credentials

    Member of International Association of Collaborative Professionals and New York Association of Collaborative Professionals since 2008. Member of Collaborative Divorce Resolutions of Long Island ( Pioneer of Collaborative Divorce in Suffolk County. Experienced in all phases of Matrimonial and Family Law in Suffolk and Nassau Counties as well as New York City for over 25 years.


    About my Practice

    I facilitate successful agreements. Examples include divorce agreements, parenting agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, shareholder agreements, small business dissolution agreements and/or agreements regarding virtually any relational dispute or challenge within a family, a business, or an organization.

    I have over 25 years experience resolving disputes and creating successful agreements through Collaborative Law, Mediation and Negotiation. I also have extensive experience in both Courtroom and Appellate Litigation.

    Collaborative Law is generally quicker than Litigation, generally less expensive, results in a more durable agreement and honors the highest priorities of each individual. It is a less adversarial process in which the parties agree to resolve their dispute without going to court, yet each party remains fully represented by a trained Collaborative Attorney. The process supports all participants in maintaining dignity and respect for themselves and their families. As a skilled Collaborator with a Litigation background, I am able to recognize future potential pitfalls that can be addressed and eliminated using the Collaborative Law Process.

    Mediation is effective for people who are able to articulate their own interests and priorities and at the same time be willing to respect the other party's concerns and consider alternative solutions. I have the ability to fully listen to each individual and facilitate a conversation that allows the parties to reach an agreement crafted by themselves and for themselves.

    Litigation is expensive both monetarily and emotionally. It is rarely necessary; but when it is, you absolutely need an experienced and persistent litigator like me.

    For my professional credentials visit my Linkedin page at the website listed above.

    Office Locations

    Location 1 ) Garden City New York 11530
    Location 2 ) 780 New York Avenue 2nd Floor Huntington New York 11743