The Definition of a Sucessful Collaboration

The mark of a successful collaboration is more about the how consensus is achieved and less about what.   Collaboration is defined as working together or the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve a common goal by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. Success is achieved when each team member contributes to the outcome and participates fully in the process.

In a collaboration that I recently completed, the Collaborative professionals worked in sync with the needs and interests of the clients making their timeline for resolution unique to their family.  There were bumps along the way; however, since every team member was vested in the process, the Collaborative model provided an opportunity for resolving conflict in a more efficient manner.  We helped the clients find their most effective voice to achieve an acceptable outcome.  The day after my client signed the agreement she called me to say that it was the first time she had slept in on a school morning while their father prepared and took the children to school.  She rested peacefully knowing that the children were going to be fine.  She was woken up by her husband’s doorbell ring, who had came over to bring their children’s stuff that was needed for their time with mom.  They exchanged good mornings at the door with a new significance.  They both realized at that precise moment that they had all landed ok and this was the start of their new normal.  Some mornings will be better than others but as co-parents they can embrace and share the good times and work together to resolve the more challenging times.

Hearing this only confirmed my commitment and passion for practicing in the Collaborative model.  It was less about the what and more about the how that made all the difference in this family’s lives moving forward.