President’s Message, Spring-Summer 2022, NYACP

In his Spring/Summer 2022 President's Message, NYACP President Ken Novenstern covers a variety of issues including these upcoming events.

  • NYACP Spring Social Event, 6/1/2022
  • NYACP Retreat, 6/22/2022
  • NYACP Annual Event, 12/1/2022

Recorded on 5/18/2022, Ken acknowledges that he is quickly "coming down the stretch" with only six months left in his term, and that Melissa Goodstein will be taking the helm as NYACP President in January 2023.

Ken Novenstern can be reached at (914) 241-2400 or (914) 997-9070.

(Video length: 5:11, *Closed captions available.)

President’s Message, February 2022, NYACP

In his Winter 2022 President's Message, NYACP President Ken Novenstern covers the following topics:

  • Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training (BCIT) coming in May
  • Mentorship Program
  • Support Groups for Collaborative Practice (SGCP)

(Video length: 5:11, *Closed captions available.)

Learn more about BCIT here

President’s Message, November 2021, NYACP

This is the third and final President's Message video to NYACP members for 2021. In it, Ken Novenstern talks about upcoming events and acknowledges the great work being accomplished by members. He also expresses appreciation to two departing board members and reminds everyone that becoming a board member is not only very rewarding, it is an excellent way to become more involved in the organization -- potentially with opportunities to get more cases. (Video length: 4:27, *Closed captions available.)

President’s Message, August 2021, NYACP

Good things are happening with the NYACP. (Video length: 5:42, *Closed captions available.)

President’s Message, May 2021, NYACP

Five months into his NYACP presidency, Ken Novenstern decided to do something different for his update to members -- a report by video rather than text. (Video length: 5:08, *Closed captions available.)

*Accessibility – Steps for enabling closed captions vary by device:

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