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IACP Information and News


IACP's Announces Their New Executive Director, Michael C. Russell
January, 2022

The IACP announced their selection for their new Executive Director is Michael C. Russell, CAE, MBA.  He began his role on Monday, January 3, 2022.

Michael joins us from Kansas City, KS, USA, with a background in nonprofit management and extensive Executive Director experience. Michael has served as Executive Director for two 501(c)(3) membership organizations and has a membership and fundraising growth mindset. He also enjoys spending time with his daughter, Maeve, his spouse, Megan, and their dogs, Champ, and Beans. Michael is an Eagle Scout, an avid traveler, and sports enthusiast, especially KC Royals Baseball. His energy is infectious!

Speaking on his vision as IACP's Executive Director, Michael states, "on my first day at my first non-profit, I was told ‘all membership is local’ and I have never forgotten that mantra. We will direct necessary resources to ensure growth from the local levels, up, worldwide. I look forward to being part of IACP's long-standing journey to enhance this global and diverse profession.”

Reflecting on the unique position of IACP and its community, Michael recognizes "there is tremendous potential for the Collaborative profession to elevate itself through global expansion, technology, and innovation, particularly in the areas of presentation and technology, to tackle risks head-on, and for us to inspire the next generation of Collaborative Professionals. We will passionately emphasize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our daily operations."

The hiring committee kept IACP members, staff, and board in mind when selecting the new Executive Director. The Hiring Committee is confident that Michael's innovative mindset, ambition, and commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion will propel IACP's mission as they continue to serve as a central and accessible resource for existing Collaborative Professionals, while also reaching new communities of families and professionals around the world!