Information & Videos on Divorce

Information & Video Reference Library for Divorcing Families

A Curated List of Informational & Educational Videos

The NYACP Library is a list of videos and articles that offer quality information for each professional discipline providing guidance and advice for families navigating through divorce.  Most of these items have been produced by our member collaborative professionals.

General Collaborative Videos and Publications
Financial Resources
Legal Resources
Mental Health Resources

General Collaborative Resources

First Steps in a Collaborative Divorce
The Initial Meeting

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 4:01)
The Corona Virus and Divorce 
Nancy Kaye, CFP, CDFA, MBA, RIA (Article)
Do You Know the Power of Collaborative Divorce
Katherine Miller, Esq. (Video 12:58)
5-Part Series on Collaborative Divorce
Ken Novernstein, Esq. (Videos each 4:00-6:00 long)

Two Firsts in 35 Years of Practice! Thanks Collaborative
Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 3:37)

Financial Resources

The Financial Neutral's Role
Nancy Kaye, CFP, CDFA, MBA, RIA  (Video 24:43) 
The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast
Andrea Vacca, Esq.  (Podcast: 52:00) 

Legal Resources

Don’t Text While Divorcing
Andrea Vacca, Esq.  (Video 3:11) 


Mental Health Resources

Coming soon!