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A Curated List of Informational & Educational Videos

The NYACP Library is a list of videos and articles that offer quality information for each professional discipline providing guidance and advice for families navigating through divorce.  Most of these items have been produced by our member collaborative professionals.

So You're Thinking About Divorce...Now What?
NYACP Long Island Pod (Video 32:59)

Melissa Goodstein, Esq.

Attorney Paradigm Shift in Collaborative Divorce - Part 1 of 2

Melissa Goodstein, Esq. (Video 3:49)

This is part 1 of another two-part video series. In this video, Melissa Goodstein, Esq., talks about the paradigm shift required of a Collaborative attorney and how it is different from the traditional attorney role.

Ken Novenstern, Esq.

Attorney Paradigm Shift in Collaborative Divorce - Part 2 of 2

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 5:19)

This is the second video of a two-part series by Ken Novenstern and Melissa Goodstein in which Ken delves deeper into the concept of how the goals of 'both' parties are the focus in a Collaborative Divorce.

Melissa Goodstein, Esq.

Finding a Collaborative Attorney: First Steps

Melissa Goodstein, Esq. (Video 3:06)

This video is the first of a two-part series in which Melissa Goodstein, Esq., explains how to go about finding a qualified collaborative attorney.

Ken Novenstern, Esq.

Selecting and the Role of Collaborative Divorce Counsel

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 5:08)

This is the second of two videos focused on the process of procuring the services of a collaborative attorney. In this segment, Ken Novenstern, Esq., offers insights into the selection process and explains how the role of a collaborative attorney differs from attorneys who specialize in litigation.

Photo of Ken Novenstern, Esq.

First Steps in a Collaborative Divorce--The Initial Meeting

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 4:01)

In this video, Ken Novenstern shares two things that happened in the previous 24 hours that gave him a greater appreciation for the work he does in collaborative law.

Graphic - wife and husband with masks divorcing during pandemic.

The Corona Virus and Divorce

Nancy Kaye, CFP, CDFA, MBA, RIA (Article)

In this article, Nancy Kaye discusses the challenges of a strained marriage during a pandemic and how the Collaborative Divorce option may be the best solution for divorcing couples, particularly when courts are closed due to the Corona Virus.

Photo of Katherine Miller, Esq.

Do You Know the Power of Collaborative Divorce?

Katherine Miller, Esq. (Podcast 24:43)

In this podcast, Katherine Miller talks about Collaborative Divorce and why it is such a powerful option for divorcing couples. 95% of divorces settle before going to court so why not settle with a positive, respectful outcome?

Image of 5-part video series on collaborative divorce

5-Part Series on Collaborative Divorce

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Videos each 4:00-6:00)

This video is the first in a 5-part series about collaborative law as it relates to divorce. Presenters are members of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals (NYACP) and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).

Photo of Ken Novenstern, Esq.

Two Firsts in 35 Years of Practice! Thanks Collaborative

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 3:37)

After 35 years of practicing law, Ken Novenstern recently experienced two firsts demonstrating the power of the collaborative law divorce model. He shares those experiences in this video.

Photo of Ken Novenstern, Esq.

A First Collaborative Meeting and the Chance to be Creative!

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 3:44)

In this video, Ken Novenstern, Esq., describes his experience in a recent “initial” collaborative divorce meeting and how the collaborative process provides an opportunity to be creative.