Committees and Work Groups

NYACP Committees Work Hard for YOU!

The opportunity to become more involved in your professional organization is an added benefit.

While your NYACP membership provides many benefits, one of the most rewarding is the opportunity to expand your practice as a collaborative professional by becoming more involved in our committee structure. 

Our committees work hard to bring you great programming, new resources and new ways to engage your clients. In return, committee members help lead where our organization and collaborative divorce is going, and are rewarded with unmatched professional networking and wonderful friendships as a result.

Below is a list of our committees. These are working groups and very active in their missions, but are very welcoming to new members. 

We also have several committees that we are looking to create or expand: Diversity, Website, and Social Media. If you are interested in more information, please contact the NYACP Office.

NYACP Executive Board:

President: Melissa Goodstein
Vice President: Ellen Jancko-Baken
Secretary: Meg Sussman
Treasurer: Nancy Kaye
Immediate Past President: Kenneth Novenstern

Board Members:

Ivan Alter
Catherine Canadé
Jacqueline Caputo
Kathleen Donelli
Randy Heller
Michelle Lewis
Stephen Linker
Jeffrey Steiger

Racial Equity Committee
Jessica Rothberg (Chair)
Elana Katz
Kate Bar-Tur
Melissa Goodstein
Catherine Canadé
Ken Novenstern
Adam Halper
Carmen Rodriguez

Membership Committee
Ellen Jancko-Baken (Chair)
Jacqueline Caputo
Ariella Deutsch
Marcos Fernandez
Adam Halper
Andrea Hirshman
Steve Linker
Robert Raymond
Membership & Sub Committee - Mentorship Program
Catherine Canade’  (Co-Chair Mentorship)
Shara Goldfarb  (Co-Chair Mentorship)
Membership & Sub Committee - Events
Michelle Lewis (Chair)
Randy Heller

Newsletter Committee
Randy Heller (Chair)

Nominating Committee
Ken Novenstern (Chair)
Ellen Jancko-Baken
Nancy Kaye
Tony Markus
Katherine Miller
Teresa Ombres
Lawrence Rothbart

Pod Leaders:
Long Island - Neil Cahn
New York City - Judith Stein
N. Westchester - Melissa Goodstein, Tony Markus and Margaret Nicholson

Professional Standards Committee
Stephen Linker (Chair)
Steve Kaplan
Margaret Nicholson
Abby Rosmarin
Sub Committee- Protocols
Mary Ellen Linnehan

Support Group for Collaborative Practice
SGCP Leaders:
Manhattan Tuesdays AM- Barbara Rothberg and Marc Fleisher
Manhattan Tuesdays PM - Bob Raymond and Rachel Green
N. Westchester - Melissa Goodstein
Westchester - Ellen Jancko-Baken and Steve Kaplan

Social Media Committee
Harriette Steinberg
Steve Linker

Training & Education Committee
Melissa Goodstein (Co-Chair)
Anthony C. Markus (Co-Chair)
Ivan Alter
Kathleen Donelli
Michael McLaughlin
Katherine Miller
Ken Novenstern
Meg Sussman

These committees have lots of upcoming news and events to share.  If you want to be part of that future, contact us today!