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Family Law Monthly

The July 2013 edition of the Family Law Monthly has an article by Andrea Vacca: “The Team Approach to Divorce”

Collaborate, Don’t Litigate Those Business Disputes

The March 7, 2013 online article about Collaborative Law, “Collaborate, Don’t Litigate Those Business Disputes,” features NYACP member Carolyn Laredo: http://westfaironline.com/53091/collaborate-dont-litigate-those-business-disputes/

Huffington Post: Katherine Miller

The September 19, 2012 edition of the Huffington Post  included a blog by Katherine Miller entitled “Prenuptuial Agreements…Why Have One?”
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Huffington Post: Lynn Maier

The November 8, 2011 edition of the Huffington Post  included a blog by Lynn Maier entitled “Saving Your Sanity with Collaborative Divorce.” 
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The National Psychologist

In the September/October issue of The National Psychologist, NYACP Board member Lauren Behrman, Ph.D offers advice to metal health professionals as to how to expand their practice, including acting as a Collaborative divorce coach.

Huffington Post: Andrea Vacca

The June 6, 2012 edition of the Huffington Post included a blog by Andrea Vacca entitled: “Navigating the Gray Divorce with Dignity.”
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Huffington Post: Mary Ellen Linnehan

The August 27, 2012 edition of the Huffington Post included a blog by Mary Ellen Linnehan entitled: “Stop Telling Me Your Divorce is The Same As My Spouse’s Death.”
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New York Times

NYACP  Board member Elana Katz, LCSW, Director of the Family and Divorce Mediation Program at Ackerman Institute for the Family, was profiled by the New York Times 

She highlighted the benefits of Collaborative Divorce  by explaining that it “operates in a non litigious, non adversarial process that engages people and brings them together in a problem-solving way that helps them come out  (of the divorce) emotionally healthy.”
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Law Journal Newsletter

The July 2011 edition of the Law Journal Newsletter contains an article entitled ” Collaborative Prenuptual and Postnuptual Agreements”  authored by NYACP members, Arlene Dubin, Lauren Behrman, and Michelle Smith. The article highlights the value of the collaborative process and the interdisciplinary team to provide an opportunity for couples to share their goals and expectations concerning finances and other critical issues and support productive communication when addressing prenuptial and postnuptual agreements.

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Summer 2011 Issue Of The NYSBA

The Summer 2011 issue of the NYSBA  New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer (vol. 4, no. 2) features  an article,  “White Paper on Family Law”  co-authored by NYACP members Andrea Vacca and Jaqueline Silbermann (among others).
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