Client Stories

Every divorce or separation is unique. Collaborative Divorce helps clients from a variety of different backgrounds and situations to creatively solve problems and settle cases outside the court room. A primary objective for the Collaborative Divorce team is to assist clients to focus on their most important goals and reach a solution that is right for them and their families without the intervention of the court system.

The following are real life stories on how Collaborative Divorce clients were able to successfully develop parenting plans, divide financial assets and create a financial plan for the future.

Julia And David

Julia and David were very angry with each other. They had been married for 35 years. Their three children were grown, and Julia and David were the grandparents of four children. David had moved into their beach home, and Julia had recently found out that there was a woman living with him.David had felt miserable…
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Ben And Drake

Ben, 51 and Drake 52, have been together for 15 years. Ben, a corporate lawyer, earns a good income, considerably more than Drake, who is a high school teacher. They decided to adopt a child and because Ben had the higher income, he became the adoptive parent of Max, who is now 8. They always… 
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Nicole And Chad

Chad and Nicole had decided to divorce after many years of deep unhappiness and a year of marriage counseling. It was a painful decision for both of them. They had been married for 17 years and had two children, a son, 14, and a 10 year old daughter with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability. Nicole was… 
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John And Martha

John had been through a litigated divorce several years ago and was anxious to avoid the protracted, expensive and painful process that had been his experience”and that of his four children– in his first divorce. Martha had been through much of that first divorce with John and agreed that the Collaborative process was a much… 
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