First Steps in a Collaborative Divorce - The Initial Meeting

Ken Novenstern, Esq., shares two things that happened in the previous 24 hours that gave him a greater appreciation for the work he does in collaborative law. The first thing involved an initial meeting in a collaborative divorce case that went extremely well for all parties involved. It reinforced to him the benefits of collaborative law.

The second thing that happened in the previous 24 hours had to do with a phone call from the mother of someone stuck in a long term, expensive divorce litigation matter involving custody of her grandson among other issues. These two cases clearly contrasted the benefits of the collaborative process with the financial and emotional drawbacks of courtroom litigation.

Ken Novenstern is a partner at Fredman Baken & Novenstern, LLP. With offices in Mount Kisco and White Plains, NY, the firm provides legal services including divorce, separation, custody related matters, and pre and post nuptial agreements.

To learn more about collaborative divorce and to find out whether it is the right solution for your situation, contact Ken Novenstern or locate a collaborative professional in your area through our Find a Collaborative Professional directory.

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