Information & Video Reference Library for Divorcing Families

A Curated List of Informational & Educational Videos

The NYACP Library is a list of videos and articles that offer quality information for each professional discipline providing guidance and advice for families navigating through divorce.  Most of these items have been produced by our member collaborative professionals.

General Collaborative Resources

Ken Novenstern, Esq., interview by Mark Bullock of Inspiring Business

Inspiring Business with Mark Bullock and Ken Novenstern

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 37:42)

Mark Bullock of Inspiring Business interviews Ken Novenstern, founding partner of Fredman Baken & Novenstern, LLP.

Ken Novenstern, Esq.

Collaborating to Resolve Complicated Issues in Divorce in NY

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 3:28)

In this video, Ken Novenstern, Esq., shares insight into a collaborative divorce case involving a spouse dealing with significant cognitive decline.

Ken Novenstern, Esq.

The Emotional Trauma of Divorce: How Collaborative Law Helps

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 3:38)

This is part 1 of a 3-part series on collaborative divorce called "The Collaborative Roadmap." The authors, Ken Novenstern and Melissa Goodstein, are attorneys and members of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Melissa Goodstein, Esq.

Collaborative Process: Collaborative Road Map

Melissa Goodstein, Esq. (Video 4:27)

This is part 2 of a 3-part video series on Collaborative Divorce by Melissa Goodstein and Ken Novenstern. In this segment, Melissa Goodstein, Esq., explains the stages of the Collaborative Divorce process.

Ken Novenstern, Esq.

Collaborative Roadmap contrasted with Preliminary Conference

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 4:37)

This is the third video of the 3-part series titled "The Collaborative Roadmap." In this installment, Ken Novenstern, Esq., expands on some of the important differences between litigation and the collaborative divorce process.

Melissa Goodstein, Esq.

The First Collaborative Divorce Meeting: Process Driven

Melissa Goodstein, Esq. (Video 4:49)

This is part 1 of another two-part video series by Melissa Goodstein and Ken Novenstern on the topic of Collaborative Divorce. In this segment, Melissa Goodstein, Esq., explains what typically goes on in the very first meeting.

Ken Novenstern, Esq.

Collaborative Divorce, the Second Meeting and Common Issues

Ken Novenstern, Esq. (Video 4:29)

This is part 2 of the third series on Collaborative Divorce by attorneys Ken Novenstern and Melissa Goodstein. In this segment, Ken Novenstern talks about the second meeting, including who participates and how the agenda can be somewhat fluid.