It is possible to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children without the underlying threat of litigation.

Despite the best intentions, many marriages come to an end and spouses go their separate ways. There are different paths toward divorce. The Collaborative route offers couples a respectful, dignified approach that preserves rather than destroys. 

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Studies show that in addition to significantly lowering the expenses incurred by divorcing couples, Collaborative Divorce helps protect assets for the families when funds are needed to establish two households. Most importantly, when executed as agreed upon by divorcing individuals and their attorneys, a collaborative settlement is reached faster than other forms of negotiation and greatly reduces the emotional trauma families experience during a divorce, especially for the children.

As a marriage ends, Collaborative Divorce sets a new direction for the future.

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What is a Collaborative Divorce Team?

The Collaborative team is a group of professionals, each skilled in their own area of expertise, working for the benefit of the clients and the clients’ family. It is not unlike a medical team in which different specialists focus on the care and health needs of the patient.

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Choosing a Collaborative Divorce Professional

Choosing a Collaborative professional is an important decision. The right professional will guide you through the Collaborative process in such a way that you fully benefit from all that makes it different from traditional divorce.

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