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2022.01.27 MCT Initiative for 2022
Thursday, August 25, 2022, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
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NYACP Offers Opportunity to Attend 
MCT Initiative for 2022

What:       MCT Initiative for 2022
When:      The fourth Thursday of every month at 1:00pm through October

Collaborative Introductory Learning Program

An Invitation to Attend from NYACP Board Member, Randy Heller, Ph.D., LMFT, LMHC:
Registration is free, just note that you are Randy Heller's guest.  Register directly by using the link below.


Written by My Collaborative Team President Edward S. Sachs:

My Collaborative Team’s mission is to provide meaningful, dynamic, powerful, and thought-provoking resources to Collaborative Practice Groups and Practitioners worldwide seeking to transform the process by which people resolve disputes. It is that mission that drives our goal with this new initiative.

Our Friday Happy Hours serve as the catalyst for the goals we have established. One of the over-riding themes we have heard is that the number one reason professionals are not able to make their cases Collaborative is that the other attorney is not Collaboratively trained. We believe there is a simple solution to that…..let’s get more people aware of the Collaborative Process and let’s get more people trained.

With that in mind, MCT will be launching our Collaborative Introductory Learning Program. This will be a series of ten monthly gatherings that will take the next step in the Collaborative training process. We will teach newly trained professionals what to do next and at the same time teach potential Collaborative professionals and referral sources what the Collaborative Process is all about. This program is also a fantastic way to provide our members and other Collaborative professionals the opportunity to network, despite the limitations of the pandemic. This will be your chance to invite a colleague “to lunch.” Our program will allow for, and encourage, networking.

This program is fantastic for those who are just getting started in the Collaborative Process, as well as those experienced professionals looking to expand their professional network.

The program will begin in late January with an introduction to “What is the Collaborative Process?” Over the ten months, the program will discuss the paradigm shift, team building, and getting involved in the Collaborative community. During the last three months we will take a deep dive and provide practice pointers including the importance of the pre-brief and de-brief, Collaborative Standards and Ethics and utilizing the Collaborative Process for issues other than divorce.

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