The Financial Neutral's Role in a Collaborative Divorce

When a couple decides to divorce, emotions are generally heightened. During a marriage, a couple may have had different roles, especially when dealing with finances. The husband, the wife, and sometimes both may have paid the bills, determined their investment strategy and have full knowledge of the financial situation. If one spouse is more anxious than the other because of having to learn about the family’s financial situation, that spouse may have difficulty moving forward trying to avoid making decisions that impact their financial future.

In the above presentation, Nancy Kaye explains how the financial neutral works with the couple to provide detailed financial planning. The financial neutral organizes, documents and explains current and projected income, assets and liabilities.

The differences between litigation and collaborative divorce are considerable and Ms. Kaye delves into full detail in this video presentation.

About the author – Nancy B. Kaye is a certified financial planner, a certified divorce financial analyst, and a registered investment advisor with a master’s degree in business administration. She is trained in the collaborative divorce process as well as the understanding-based model of mediation. Ms. Kaye works with a team of collaborative professionals including attorneys and mental health counselors helping divorcing clients and their families resolve their disputes in an open, non-adversarial manner to reach a mutually agreeable outcome without litigation or a judge. Learn more about Nancy Kaye at Collaborative Divorce Resolutions, Long Island’s premier collaborative law group.

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